To act as a standing committee of the Board of Directors authorized to make business decisions between meetings of the full Board. The Executive Committee is considered to always be in session.


The Committee is responsible to address major policy making functions and decisions, approve loans in accordance with authority delegated by loan policy and to act on behalf of the full board between regularly scheduled meetings.


Membership of the committee shall include officers and directors of the Bank. The Committee will always include the Chairman of the Board and President and CEO and such other officers deemed necessary by the Board.


  • To review, and approve or disapprove submitted loan applications in line with policy established by the Board of Directors
  • To approve and authorize, or disapprove loans and renewals of loans in excess of the lending limitations of officers.
  • To consider and approve new branch/market locations.
  • To consider and act upon matters relative to the operations of the Bank on behalf of the Board of Directors when a full meeting cannot be called.
  • Committee Chairman will read annual OCC exam to identify issues referenced in the Report, which relate to the oversight responsibilities of the Committee. Committee will discuss with management resolution of any identified issues or finding.

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