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Southern Heritage Bank is a division of FIRST CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK

Rollover Options


Rollover an existing IRA into a new plan administered by First Citizens National Bank. 

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Moving your IRA (or “rolling over”) into a new account is an excellent option if you’d like to combine all of your assets.
  • Tax-free withdrawals are available after you’ve met requirements
  • Complete control of investment choices
  • Contributions can be made after age 70 ½
  • Tax advantages that are not available in a Traditional IRA
  • Not restricted by active participation in an employer retirement plan
  • Can be used to supplement an existing retirement plan
Annual contribution limits may apply
  • Easier tracking and reporting with combined accounts
  • Defer taxes on investment income


What our
customers say

You’re a person here, not a number. The people here know who you are when you walk in the door and treat you like family.

– First Citizens National Bank customer