Holding Company Information

Southern Heritage Bank, previously affiliated with Southern Heritage Bancshares Inc., has become a division of First Citizens BancShares Inc. 

The following is their contact information:

First Citizens Bancshares, Inc.
One First Citizens Place
Dyersburg, TN  38024

Investor Relations:

For Interest in Stock Purchase:

The common stock of First Citizens Bancshares, Inc., is not listed on any exchange.  Persons interested in purchasing or selling shares of stock of the Company should contact Brenda Enoch, First Citizens National Bank, PO Box 370, Dyersburg, TN  38024-0370 or call 731-287-4258.

Transfer Agent:

Shareholders who have questions about their accounts or who wish to change the ownership or address of stock or consolidate accounts should contact Computershare Shareholder Services at 1-800-942-5909. 


Jeff Agee, President & CEO
Judy Long, Executive Vice President, Secretary & COO


Southern Heritage Bank Balance Sheet
December 31, 2014
Loans 123,266,000
Investments 76,579,000
Fed Funds Sold 13,114,000
Earning Assets 212,959,000
Reserve for Loan Losses (58,000)
Non-Earning Assets 37,461,000
Total Assets 250,362,000
Deposits 211,589,000
Other Liabilities 1,457,000
Capital 37,316,000
Total Liabilities & Capital 250,362,000