Cash Management Services

Choose from these services if …
You want tools to maximize your company’s cash flow … want to automatically move funds between your accounts … and have online access to your funds at any time.

You can rely on our Business Bankers and Cash Management tools to help you gain tighter control over your cash and drive greater profits for your company.

Services and Features             

ACH Payments / Receipts – An efficient way to send and receive payments. Eliminates the costs of creating and mailing paper checks and increases the speed of collecting receipts.  ACH is especially popular for direct deposit payroll processing.

Business Visa® Debit Cards and Credit Cards Convenient options to pay for business expenses:

  • Business Visa® Debit Cards – Link directly to your business checking account. Funds are deducted from your balance, the same as if you’d written a paper check.
  • Business Visa® Credit Cards – Convenient, short-term credit tool for making practically any business-related purchase.

Merchant Card Services Provide multiple customer payment options beyond cash or check to minimize lost transactions and speed up collection of customer payments. Allows you to:

  • Accept major Credit Cards in person, over the phone or via the Web
  • Accept PIN-based and signature-based Debit Card transactions
  • Accept purchasing cards (gift cards, prepaid cards, travel cards)

Night Deposit Service A convenient, secure drop box for your after-hours transactions.

Remote Deposit – Use our scanner and secure software to scan and electronically submit customer checks from your place of business. Deposit customer funds into your account without a trip to the bank.

Sweep Feature Determine minimum balances for your operating account and automatically sweep excess funds into interest-bearing accounts or to pay down loan balances.

Telephone Transfers – Use our telephone banking system to verify balances and transfer funds between your company’s Southern Heritage Bank accounts.

Wire Transfers – A fast, secure way to send and receive same-day payments. Click here to download form. 

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