Customized Business Checking

Choose this account if ...
You have transaction volumes consistently greater than 300 debit items* per month … and you maintain higher monthly deposit balances.

Account Features:

  • Fees are negotiated as a flat fee or per item charge.
  • Customized features based on the unique characteristics of your business’ transactional needs
  • Potential to earn interest based on monthly calculations of items and deposit balances**
  • Monthly E-Statement or Image Statement
  • Online Banking & Bill Pay***
  • Visa® Debit Card (subject to approval)

Ready to get started? Open a Customized Business Interest Checking Account by visiting your nearest Southern Heritage Bank office.

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*A “debit item" includes checks, wire transfers, ACH payments and in-person withdrawals. There is a charge for each item exceeding the monthly maximum. Your Southern Heritage Bank representative can provide you with a complete list of per-item fees and credits.
**In some cases, earnings credits will offset all transactional fees and will be credited as interest earnings.
***Customers who sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay, but are inactive, may be required to reactivate (after 90 days inactive) or reenroll (after 183 days inactive).

Meet The Business Banking Team

Tim Poteet
MLO ID # 506199
Senior Vice President, Commercial Team Leader
Office: 423-303-1723

Georgia Gann
MLO ID # 506196
Senior Vice President
Office: 423-303-1724

Richard Burnette
MLO ID # 506194
Vice President
Office: 423-303-2885

Gayle Ellis
MLO ID # 506195
Vice President, Lending
Office: 423-303-1726

Andy Sneed
MLO ID # 506200
Commercial Lender
Office: 423-303-1752

Heather Elrod
MLO ID # 875039
Business Development Officer
Office: 423-303-3640

Andy Baker
MLO ID #1180771
Business Development Specialist
Office: 423-303-1727

Brooke Fairbanks

MLO ID #887027
Branch Operations Officer
Office: 423-303-1738