Customized Business Checking

Choose this account if ...
You have transaction volumes consistently greater than 300 debit items* per month … and you maintain higher monthly deposit balances.

Account Features:

  • Fees are negotiated as a flat fee or per item charge.
  • Customized features based on the unique characteristics of your business’ transactional needs
  • Potential to earn interest based on monthly calculations of items and deposit balances**
  • Monthly E-Statement or Image Statement
  • Online Banking & Bill Pay***
  • Visa® Debit Card (subject to approval)

Ready to get started? Open a Customized Business Interest Checking Account by visiting your nearest Southern Heritage Bank office.

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*A “debit item" includes checks, wire transfers, ACH payments and in-person withdrawals. There is a charge for each item exceeding the monthly maximum. Your Southern Heritage Bank representative can provide you with a complete list of per-item fees and credits.
**In some cases, earnings credits will offset all transactional fees and will be credited as interest earnings.
***Customers who sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay, but are inactive, may be required to reactivate (after 180 days inactive) or re-enroll (after 270 days inactive).

Meet The Business Banking Team

Tim Poteet

MLO ID # 506199
Senior Vice President, Commercial Team Leader
Office: 423-303-1723

Gayle Ellis

MLO ID # 506195
Vice President, Lending
Office: 423-303-1726

Lisa Webb

MLO ID #585693
Vice President - Commercial Lending
Office: 423-303-2885

Shelly Lairmore

MLO ID # 785636
Lending Officer
Office: 423-303-1765

Andy Baker

MLO ID #1180771
Business Development Specialist
Office: 423-303-1727

Brooke Fairbanks

MLO ID #887027
Branch Operations Officer
Office: 423-303-1738