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 launched the Smart Women Program with a goal of helping women to bridge the financial literacy gap! The program is designed to empower women, through education, to feel confident making difficult financial decisions. Women of all demographics find it challenging and lack confidence when it comes to making financial decisions regarding life changing events caused by death, retirement, divorce and other uncontrollable circumstances.

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FirstCNB is proud to bring Smart Kids, powered by Banzai!, to the classroom. This program provides kids real-world financial education and it's available for FREE! Teachers are provided the materials at no cost to them. It is flexible and adapts to the teacher's and students' schedules. Because the program is interactive, each student will have the opportunity to navigate through their own unique real-world scenarios. Smart Kids provides three course options based on age range - the Junior course for kids ages 8-12, the Teen course for kids ages 13-18, and the Plus course is available to anyone 16 and older. 


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FirstCNB is proud to bring Smart Kids, powered by Banzai!, to the comfort of your home! Similar to the Smart Kids program, Banzai! Online provides interactive and fun courses for students of all ages. The courses include real-life scenarios that teach you how to create a budget and manage income and expenses.