Good If You...

  • Want to Take Advantage of Current Interest Rates
  • Are Looking to Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Have Equity in Your Home That Want to Use for Any Purpose
  • Desire to Switch Financing Type or Term


  • Variety of Terms Available
  • Options Including Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate (ARM) Financing
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Special Financing Options and Incentives Available to Qualifying Home Buyers
  • Jumbo Loans Available for Amounts over $726,200
  • In-House Underwriting and Approvals
  • No Out-of-Pocket Closing Costs with Sufficient Equity

Steps to Refinancing Your Home


1. Gather Information on Your Existing Loan

Before you make a decision on refinancing your Mortgage, you should gather information on your existing Mortgage and any other loans using the property as collateral (e.g., Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit) so we can help you evaluate your options. Critical factors in a refinancing decision will include current rates, terms, payoff amounts and applicable prepayment penalties.

What to Bring


2. Meet with a Local Lender

With information on your existing loan(s) in hand, our local lenders can help you quickly evaluate whether refinancing makes sense for you. Based on the documentation from your current loans and your financing goals, we’ll be able to recommend a product that works for you.

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3. Apply for Your Loan

You can start the Mortgage application process online or in-person with your local lender. Typically, we can review and approve a completed application within 24 hours.

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4. Close Your Loan

At the loan closing, your Mortgage loan is finalized, you pay closing costs and begin enjoying lower monthly Mortgage payments.

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Special Financing Programs

Incentives That Might Be Available to You


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